The pleasure of drinking water

Drink more water– that’s what we stand for, with the VILTARO® tap filter we improve tap water so you can enjoy it again.

The simple solution for great tasting drinking water.

Thanks to tasty water you drink more every day and stay healthy.

Our various water filtration technologies allow you to replace filter cartridges every few months to save money and time.

Filtering your tap water is much more environmentally friendly than purchased mineral water bottles.

Enjoy water together

Decide when to use the filtered water for drinking, washing vegetables, cooking, making a good coffee or tea.

Viltaro® Drinking Water Filter

Have you ever thought that drinking water can become a real pleasure?

We invite you to try Viltaro® Reverse Osmosis filtered water. In addition to giving you an absolute protection against bacteria, viruses and pesticides carried in tap water, you will get a really pure water and you will experience the lightness of water free of impurities


Filter cartridges

The water purification super package:

  • RO: Reverse Osmosis filter membrane
  • PAC: Folding PP cotton activated carbon rod composite filter
  • CF: Rear composite carbon rod


Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser

The VILTARO® reverse osmosis unit is used to treat drinking water by first filtering pollutants from the water and then enriching the water with minerals.

Change the drinking water experience, try Viltaro.

Why to filter your water?

Drinking water, even “clean” water that runs out of the tap, is not what so many of us would call pure.

Unfortunately, evil substances flow through the drinking water pipes and are inevitably distributed to the population. Despite the strict regulations in Germany, we still find in tap water, and more and more every day, residues of pesticides, minerals, nitrates, viruses and bacteria.

Also due to poorly maintained water pipes and water tanks, solid particles can result from the accumulation of sediment sand or perhaps corrosion of pipes. None of these contaminants should get into your body.

To protect yourself and your family, we recommend filtering your drinking water. With the reverse osmosis water filter dispenser you have a simple way, without installation or extra costs, to obtain pure water directly in your home.

Filters microorganisms, organic and inorganic pollutants, resulting in pure water.

Filters larger particles to protect the reverse osmosis membrane and absorbs chlorine and unpleasant tastes and odors.

Enriches the water with valuable minerals and stabilizes the PH value

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